Collective kitchen

From maximizing savings and meeting people to finding wide-ranging practical advice and taking home good food, there are many reasons to seek out an enjoyable experience in a warm and welcoming community kitchen.

Would you like to cook with us?

To take part, just give us a call and sign up.

You can get in touch at

(418) 748-7266

As part of our community-kitchen activities, a group of three to six people can meet and browse through flyers in search of interesting items and put together a menu. The group then draws up a shopping list of the ingredients it needs for the recipes on the menu. The facilitator, accompanied by a participant (if so desired), then goes shopping for these items. The group then meets at the appropriate time to prepare the menu. Group-cooking sessions last about three hours, and portions cost between $1 and $1.75.

Our other services

Icône soupe

Soup kitchen

The soup kitchen serves hot and comforting soup meals at our premises from Monday to Friday, between 11 AM and 1 PM. The soup comes with various kinds of bread or soda crackers, cheese, dessert, water, tea and/or coffee, and two fruits.
Icône banque alimentaire

Food bank

Once a month, people who would like to use our food-bank services can call us at (418) 748-7266 to make an appointment. Appointments are available on Wednesdays between 8:30 AM and 3 PM.
Icone cuisine

Community meals-on-wheels

Thanks to this project, people who are registered receive two full meals (starter, main course, and dessert) directly at home every week. Community meals-on-wheels participants are asked to pay a small fee at the beginning of each year.

Community fridge

The community fridge is a refrigerator placed outdoors in front of the Carrefour communautaire building from May to October and moved indoors for the winter months. From May to October, the fridge is accessible 24/7 to everyone.